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Besides the obvious stats

  • The thing about online games is that every basic class are usually balanced and equally good. Besides the obvious stats, other criteria that define a “best class” is usually tied to the player themselves. What do you seek from the class? How would you like to Buy MapleStory M Mesos play? These factors should be taken into consideration. Simply put, Player A’s best class could possibly be Player B’s worst class. In this guide, we’ll focus on Dark Knight.

    Nexon recently launched the Reboot World for MapleStory in order to provide what it describes as a “hardcore RPG experience where balance impacting items can be obtained in-game through the efforts of each individual player.Soon after the launch, there was a petition signed by nearly 500 players to encourage Nexon to remove Meso Sacks from the Reboot World. They argued that the Meso Sacks “completely defeats the purpose of the Reboot world and many players are upset about it.”