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Buffalo has been rotating their quarterback throughout the trai

  • Buffalo has been rotating their quarterback throughout the training camp. Although A.J. McAllen seems to be the main force, the head coach has not personally admitted that everything will be possible until the beginning of LOLGA the new season. In the training camp, Pitman and McAllen usually each led a group of players to separate training. Pitman made his debut in the first preseason and was replaced by McAllen. In that game, McAllen was 10 Throw out 116 yards,

    Originally good to kill the Three Kingdoms, and now with the injury of Madden 19 Coins  McAllen became the battle between Chu and Han, Allen and Peterson have the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback of the regular season. Although Allen played well, Peterson played better than Brown when he played against Brown. He pushed 116 yards and 1 touchdown in 10 passes. But Peterson was a rookie last season, and in the first game of the first game, he shot 5 interceptions in the face of lightning. Allen was selected for the seventh overall pick this year, possessing an amazing arm strength, but the problem of passing accuracy has been bothering him. He shot 56.2% during his time in Wyoming.