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Speaking of the reason why the Lakers attracted James to join

  • Speaking of the reason why the Lakers attracted James to join, Jenny Bass said: "I think the most important thing is that he has the opportunity to observe the performance of our young core. Now Luke Walton is about to start coaching the third season, you can see The Lakers basketball style in the eyes of Rob Pellinga and Magic Johnson, the way we form the lineup, the Lakers' style of play, all of which allow free agents like LeBron James to ask themselves, 'Do I fit this team? What are their directions and future prospects?


    There have been many public opinions that LeBron will not come to Cheap NBA Live 19 Coins the Lakers unless we have two big free agents. This argument is very different from the fact that he chose to join our existing lineup. He also signed a multi-year contract to work for us for at least three years, plus the player option for the fourth year. This shows that he will be patient, this is not the way I try to water for a year, not to leave. He gave us As a team integration time. I think his leader role, he will teach and talk to our young players, after all, the team is big Some players have not played in the playoffs, the playoffs are completely different, and he will bring them leadership from the veterans."