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When Lebron came to the training hall

  • Lakers owner Jenny Buss recently talked about the many topics about LeBron James.

    About the new training hall that the Lakers put into use in August last year, Jenny Bass praised: “We used to focus on the rehabilitation of athletes. Now we will try to predict the vulnerability of players through data analysis and help them to Prevent injuries from the start. We need such a venue to keep the Lakers at the top of the NBA."

    “We have established a partnership with UCLA Medical Center. Their various medical departments have provided us with unprecedented resources, not only concerned about the physical condition of the players, but also their mental health. These medical resources from all fields are ours. I have never enjoyed it. They have some of the best doctors in the world. We have to compete in the market. I think so. If you have a player like Kobe Bryant who captures the fans, if you can He stays healthy, avoids the injury, and continues his career for a year or two, which will make the team profitable because you keep your star players in a longer state. This is the performance of NBA Live 19 Coins their career and the game. Investment, currently good results, I think this may also help us in this year's free agent market." Jenny Bass added.

    Speaking of the feelings of LeBron James after signing this summer, Jenny Bass shared: "Every day I have to remind myself that until we start the new season at the Staples Center, I will I believe it really happened. I looked down from the window of the office and he trained with our players on the court. Of course, I watched him play on the spot when his team was at the Staples Center. However, he has been playing in the East before, so he only saw him once every season. Now, I witnessed the training he put in, observed his footsteps, saw that he didn't wear a shirt, and to be honest, all this gave I was deeply impressed. He is an amazing athlete. When you have a player like him coming to the arena and investing in that level of training, he raises the standard for everyone. So other players are rushing. To the training hall. This is the offseason, there is no mandatory training arrangement, they want to train when it is. But when LeBron came here, everyone started to train. It is really our leader. "