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Bailey started as the main player in the first three games

  • This news is an exclusive disclosure of "Mirror". The "Sun" and ESPN have also been reprinted and reported that they have certain credibility. "Mirror" revealed that Bailey wanted to  LOLGA transfer the main reason is that he lost his identity, and the main force was used as a substitute, which made the Ivorian international feel dissatisfied.

    Truthfully, the Premier League started five rounds. Bailey started as the main player in the first three games. However, Manchester United lost 1 and 2 losses in three games. Bailey was also won by Mourinho, and C?te d’Ivoire and Brighton. The performance in the game with Tottenham is also unsatisfactory. In the last two rounds, Mourinho's central defenders were Smolin and Lindlov, and Bailey only FUT 19 Coins got 3 minutes of playing time, which made Bailey feel unbearable. In addition, the Mirror reported a detail. After the battle with Brighton, Mourinho once criticized the Ivorians, and others were not "treated" by the madman.