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The Bernese youth are artificial grass at home

  • Mu Shuai first announced the team's manpower situation: "We decided not to Buy FIFA Coins bring Valencia to the road, because his knees are not suitable for artificial grass, Luke-Shaw will play tomorrow, we also have Dalot, Ashley - Yang and Damian, they are all ready."

    The Bernese youth are artificial grass at home, but Mu Shuai does not intend to complain: "I don't want to use this as a possible excuse before the game. Everyone knows that it is different. I said at the conference in Geneva last week that I want to say We are in Switzerland, the home of one of the strongest tennis superstars in the history (Federer), I am very sure that he is not satisfied with every game venue, he also has his own tendency to choose, but he must play, he must To win every game, we must be the same."

    Manchester United made two consecutive victories to FIFA 19 Coins get rid of the shadow and pressure of the previous two-game losing streak. Mu Shuai said: "I think we are in progress, we have found a balance in the team, especially with a competitive attitude, we create A lot of opportunities, we changed the way we attacked our opponents and made ourselves better protected. Two difficult games were away, we scored 6 points. I am very happy, but I also have a lot after Tottenham. Happy, not for the result, but for what I saw, I feel that the game is the beginning of our performance improvement."