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At least there are communities working to preserve the Runescap

  • It’s sad to think that this thing, which for a short but intense time was so important to LOLGA me and so many others, is going away forever. Runescape taught me much more about being a digital citizen than the time I had previously spent lurking on message boards. Online role playing games force you to interact with others, and for a shy, trusting kid like me, it was an important step toward learning the kind of behavior to expect from others online, and helped me understand the kind of person I wanted to be there.

    The closing of Runescape Classic highlights the challenges faced by digital preservationists. At least there are communities working to preserve the Runescape Classic experience on private servers. But even if we are able to keep around the game world itself, how exactly do you preserve not just the artifact, but its experience? Who will scam the children?


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